Thursday, October 25, 2007

Claremont Hotel: For your shopping fix in Singapore this Christmas

Singapore Christmas 2007

While there is no scarcity of great buys and shopping haunts in Singapore, there’s more to the usual Christmas fare in the island than its traditional retail havens. That Singapore provides the ultimate shopping fix in the entire Asia is a given. Throw that into the mix of Christmas season extravaganzas in Singapore and it is difficult not to feel keyed up at the coming Singapore Christmas this early.

The Singapore Christmas 2007 is a seven-week festivity that is scheduled to start with the grand Fairytale Christmas Lightup on November 17. From the Orchard Road to the Marina Bay, the famed Singapore strip will be festooned with what promises to be a stunning set of Christmas lights, decorative pieces, chandeliers, and carousels.

Orchard Road: Celebrations hub in Singapore within access from the Claremont Hotel in Singapore

From November 17 the celebrations build up with a string of nightly stage performances along the Orchard Road in Singapore, themed “Christmas: It’s all about love.” Then, at the nearby Esplanade Theater, a limited season run of the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang opens in Singapore. Coming out of a successful US and Europe tours, the Singapore musical production of the Ian Fleming novel is set to wow the Singapore crowd with its sensational sets and special effects. And then there’s the shopping.

Christmas in Singapore is, indeed, the best time of the year to get a fix for one’s shopping addiction. And Singapore visitors this Christmas can earmark more of their hard-earned cash for shopping and celebrations and less on a Singapore hotel accommodation with the best rates online of the Claremont Hotel in Singapore.

Claremont Hotel rates start at US$109 in their Singapore hotel official website. Because Singapore guests book directly with the Claremont Hotel, room rates are lower and the extra cash can then be easily converted into more shopping funds!

Towering on Burma Road in Singapore, the Claremont Hotel stands opposite the shopping haven of Mustafa Center and the Serangoon Plaza, and is a walk away from the Orchard Road of Singapore. Renowned for its world-class facilities and luxury standards, the hotel in Singapore of the Claremont is one of the key accommodation providers that are within easy access to the shopping district of the island.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

IndoChine 2007: A moveable feast in Singapore

Singapore gears up for Asia's jet set event of the year

Singapore positions itself as the festival capital of Asia with the long-awaited fourth edition of the Singapore IndoChine celebrations. Billed as the region’s jet set event of the year, the IndoChine Festival ushers in a weeklong of festivities that feature a series of lifestyle events and parties across IndoChine outlets in Singapore.

Kicking off the festival is the 2007 IndoChine Golf Classic in October 21, followed by the IndoChine Tropical Fiesta Gala Dinner later that night. A slew of celebrity chefs and international DJs will be featured during the event.

"Copacabana" is the theme of this year’s Singapore IndoChine Festivals, and dinner parties that await Singapore visitors are typified by an extraordinary evening of superb cuisine, fine wines, lively entertainment, and socializing. A new addition to the 2007 Singapore IndoChine celebrations is the Ladies Polo match.

“The festival is already gearing up to be even bigger than last year’s event,” said IndoChine Group CEO Michael Ma. “The IndoChine Festival is Asia’s only Jet-set Event of the Year, and aims to brand Singapore as the destination of choice for all types of visitors.”

From family to group and even solo travels, the tourism sector of Singapore offers a substantial and motley group of Singapore hotels that visitors may find suitable for various itineraries. But what would be more fitting for participants of Asia’s jet set event of the year than the plush hotel of the Claremont Hotel in Singapore.

Offering limited cut-rate prices of their hotel rooms at their official hotel web site here, the Claremont Hotel is a stylish hotel at the heart of the Singapore commercial center, combining substance and style into value for money.

The Singapore IndoChine Festival runs from October 21 to 28, and coincides with yet another festival called the Singapore Sun Festival, a fortnight celebration of the Art of Living Well through the arts and culture.

With the two festivals set to put added vim to the Singapore lifestyle, the Claremont Hotel at the Singapore commercial hub is a virtual gateway to what is expected to be a grand moveable feast.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The sun also rises in Singapore

The sun also rises in Singapore
Sun and rain make rainbows appear. While the rest of Asia seems to have yielded to the typhoon months, Singapore beckons like a glimmering sun city as the island gears up for the Singapore Sun Festival on October 18.

Celebrating the “Art of Living Well,” the Singapore tourism authority integrates a wide variety of lifestyle-themed events into two weeks’ fete of felicity. The 2007 celebrations of the Singapore Sun Festival give expression to the Good Life through seven key disciplines that include music, film, visual arts, literature, cuisine, wine, and wellness.

The Singapore Sun Festival

The Singapore Sun Festival gives Singapore visitors a treat to enjoy a spa retreat in the morning, a visual arts exhibition in the afternoon, and an evening concert or a fine dinner prepared by a celebrity chef featuring no less than the world’s finest wines.

Celebrations of the Singapore Sun Festival revolve around key landmarks across Singapore, from the Esplanade Concert Hall to the Arts House, Singapore Tyler Print Institute and The National Museum.

The Singapore Sun Festival is a sort of a moveable feast, with the city center of the main island as the permanent center. Celebrations hop from one place to the next, putting into a grand display the Singapore pipeline for fine living.

But fine living does not always come expensive. At the center of the Singapore Sun Festival celebrations is the business hotel of Park View Singapore. Its strategic location helps Park View Hotel guests enjoy the island in leisure, while its Singapore hotel accommodations provide a virtual sanctuary to the festival.

Located at 81 Beachroad in Singapore, the Park View Hotel is a 15-minute drive to the Changi Airport, a 5-minute walk to Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre, and within the vicinity of the Raffles Place, Singapore’s financial and business district.

Park View Singapore room rates start at US$65, proof that it is not always that the fine things in life come at so high a cost. For more details on Park View Hotel in Singapore, the official hotel website can be found here.