Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The time is now, the place is Singapore

The Great Shopping Sale in SingaporeShopping is one addiction no one should feel guilty about. People think it’s all about overindulgence and unreasonable spending, which should not be ignored, but what they forget is the satisfaction that one gets from shopping.

Think of the best moment you ever had with your other half and it will probably fail in comparison to the rush of shopping. Now multiply it by a thousand and still you are not yet near the feeling of going through the Great Singapore Sale.

Imagine an entire city lined with exotic bazaars and signature shops. That is what the island of Singapore becomes at the time of the Great Sale. Scheduled on May 2008, the Great Singapore Sale is set to bring Singapore into a summer of great buys for everyone’s retail therapy.

For sure the Great Singapore Sale will be a major tourist draw. It’s that great gig, to borrow a metaphor, for everyone’s shopping fix. And, like any great gig, it cannot be missed and has to be taken care of as early as now.

Singapore Hotel gets ready for the Great Singapore SaleSingapore is one of the countries in Southeast Asia that do not require a visa for entry. That is one problem less. Next is air travel, which should not be foremost in your concern because Singapore is a key destination in Asia and majority of the major global airlines has direct flights to Singapore. The only real difficulty is finding a hotel in Singapore.

Major hotels in Singapore have presence in the Web and enable Singapore visitors to book in advance. There are also booking engines that are operated by travel portals. These, however, have additional costs. Hotel websites often have the best rates you see online because Singapore visitors transact directly with the hotel.

The Claremont Hotel in Singapore is one of the key hotels in Asia that have an online presence. Their website at provides Internet users looking for a Singapore hotel not only with a comprehensive website but a booking engine as well.

Through their Singapore hotel website, The Claremont Hotel is made accessible to travelers worldwide. Here, the strategic location in Singapore of the Claremont Hotel can be seen, and helps explain why their hotel in Singapore is one of the oft-frequented hotel of Singapore visitors.

Because it is owned by the Claremont Hotel Singapore, the websiteThe Claremont Hotel | Claremont Singapore | Singapore Hotel gives the best offers that the hotel management can give and gets rid of the amount that travel portals put on hotel room prices. It’s the easiest way to get a room, too, because the hotel can confirm a reservation instantly. No more long queues to stand in the way of our need: shopping!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Living it up at the HarbourVille Hotel in Singapore

Singapore ZoukOut 2007 at the Sentosa, Singapore

It’s that time of year in Singapore once again to let everyone’s hair down and party from sun up to sun down to the beat of the Singapore ZoukOut Music Festival. In what might be the last beach party of the Singapore ZoukOut Festival, this year’s festivities on December 8 will treat clubbers to a unique entertainment zone in Singapore for a night of living it all up.

The Singapore ZoukOut Festival consists of carnival rides, gaming booths, drumming sessions and performers—all in the middle of the eclectic music genres of house, tribal, techno, trance, electro, hip hop and Mambo Jambo music. And it’s all happening at the dramatic seascape of the Sentosa Island in Singapore.

With the godfather of UK techno Carl Cox and DJ Armin van Buuren at the controls, the Singapore ZoukOut festival is set to bring purist clubbers to Singapore, from Harbour Front to Vivo City and to other key places in Singapore that could lead them to the ZoukOut Festival in Sentosa, Singapore.

Harbour Front is one of the major Singapore localesSingapore nightlife at the Harbour Front, Singapore that fringe the Sentosa Island in Singapore. Because hotel rooms in Sentosa is quite on the up-side of the Singapore hotel rates and the Harbour Front being minutes away to Sentosa, Harbour Front provides an attractive alternative to Singapore visitors.

The Harbour Ville Singapore at the Harbour Front is one option. With rates starting at US$65, the boutique hotel of Harbour Ville is not likely to make some real dent on the Singapore guest’s travel expenses. The hotel in Singapore of Harbour Ville is known for its proximity to the nightlife hub of Singapore, including the Sentosa Island in Singapore.

From the Harbour Front hotel, visitors going to the ZoukOut Festival in Sentosa are a bus ride away to the premier event in Singapore this December. At the Harbour Front bus terminal there will be special ZoukOut shuttles that are designed to bring guests directly to the music festival.

For a place where the Sentosa is just minutes away, the Harbour Ville enables guests to live it up in Singapore on a budget.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Singapore: Travel purist’s dream getaway

For a country with a land area of 700 square kilometers, the smallest in Southeast Asia, Singapore is remarkably overwhelming. It is not rare to hear Singapore described as the melting point of cultures in Asia. It is. And the best of these worlds are conveniently packed within the small land area of Singapore, creating a travel purist’s dream getaway where practically everything is within reach.

Singapore, in the old days, was a trading post between Europe and Asia. It remains thus and has since created a shopping Mecca along Orchard Road, Little India, and at posh Singapore establishments like Paragon, Palais, Reneissance and Forum. Being an island state ensures Singapore of a regular rush of great buys from the Who’s Who in the world of fashion, electronics, among other things.

Center of Singapore is the famed Beach Road, a coastal highway that typifies much of the developments in Singapore. From the airport to the harbors, the highly urbanized Beach Road is the first major thoroughfare that greets Singapore visitors. Because of its location, Beach Road hosts one of the oft-frequented business hotels in Singapore: the Parkview Hotel Singapore. Also at Beach Road are the jump-off points to the stately transportation system of Singapore that makes the island smaller.

The Singapore transportation system is composed of a fleet of taxis, buses, cable cars, and the highly efficient MRT. From the hotel in Singapore of the Parkview, shopping malls and nightlife hubs are within walking distance, while centers of tourism and culture—such as the Goddess of Mercy Temple, National Museum, Bugis Street, National Art Museum—are in the neighborhood.

Sunset view in Parkview Hotel neighborhood in Beach Road, Singapore
Sunset at the Singapore coastline

The Singapore skyline teems with posh business centers and hotels in Singapore City like the Parkview Hotel in Singapore Beach Road
Singapore Skyline

Singapore nightlife in the vicinity of the Parkview Hotel along Beach Road, Singapore
Nightlife at the Beach Road locale in Singapore

Towering over the Singapore Beach Road, the Singapore hotel of the Parkview Singapore likewise provides easy access to the world-renowned entertainment island of the Sentosa. The Sentosa Island in Singapore is accessible through ferries on the Beach Road port, cable car via the Harbour Front, or the Sentosa Express monorail.

The Sentosa Island of Singapore holds a quaint mix of the old and the new. The Sentosa coastline in Singapore is combined with the technology-driven attractions of the Singapore sky tower, theme parks, zoos, and golf courses, integrating modernity and tropical island experience to stunning effect.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The goddess of wealth smiles at Little India in Singapore

Scene on the Serangoon Road in Singapore during the Festival of Lights celebrationsSingapore trips the light fantastic during the Hindu
celebrations of the Deepavali, or Festival of Lights

Nobody really loses anything when putting into practice the things that are believed to bring good luck. Fortune may come one’s way, or it may not. But being in Singapore for the Festival of Lights this November at least puts one in a position not to antagonize Lakshmi the Goddess of Wealth.

Called Deepavali in the Hindu world, the Singapore Festival of Lights is celebrated in the Little India district of the island through the lighting up of grand arches and fireworks on the streets of Singapore, which is believed to attract the Hindu goddess of wealth.

Center of the celebrations is at the vicinity of the Serangoon Road in Singapore, where the bric-a-brac stalls, curio and sweet shops, restaurants, and bookshops of what has come to be known as the Little India arcade form the winding alleys of great buys and great haunts.

Grand arches in the Little India District gets lighted up at the start of the Singapore Festival of LightsThe Little India district in Singapore gets lighted up,
which is believed to attract the Hindu goddess of wealth Lakshmi

The Little India district is situated between the Serangoon Plaza and the Mustafa Shopping Centre along Serangoon Road, Singapore. It is accessible via the Farrer Park MRT station. For hotel accommodation at the center of the celebrations, the Singapore hotel of the Claremont stands at the same neighborhood as the Little India.

The Claremont hotel in Singapore is a complete-amenity hotel that boasts of upscale accommodation, modern conveniences, and classic hospitality. Each Claremont Hotel room is secured by a key card system and equipped with a room safe for a confident Singapore day out.

Accommodations at the Claremont Hotel likewise allow guests to avail world-class hotel services that include a room service menu featuring South Indian, North Indian and Chinese cuisine, House Doctor on call 24 hours, all-day and all-night Front Desk, and airport transfer on request.

Singapore, having a Hindu population of 15 percent, is not exactly the Mecca of the Deepavali Celebrations. The lively Singapore street scene, however, and the bazaars at Little India make sure that this Singapore festivity will not fail in extravagance.