Thursday, December 27, 2007

Sound-and-sight New Year’s delight at Sentosa, Singapore

Ring in the New Year at Sentosa Beach Party in SingaporeNew Year’s Eve is like any other night. There is no pause in the march of the universe. And not even the promise of a fresh new year can get in its way. Yet nobody has quite the same thoughts on New Year’s Eve as on other nights. It is, after all, the fittest time for festal cheer.

So ring out the old and ring in the new. Wherever you are this New Year’s Eve let us give a warm welcome to the coming year and see the first sunrise of 2008. It is an event not to be missed and best shared with other people. And there is no better place in Singapore to do just that than in the southern island of Sentosa.

Located at the southern tip of Singapore, Sentosa Island is surrounded by the skies and cannot be in a lovelier position to have a grand view of 2008’s first light. What’s more, the strip of Siloso Beach on Sentosa Island in Singapore is throwing a sundown-to-sunup bash for the New Year.

Dubbed Asia’s Grooviest, the Siloso Beach Party on Sentosa Island promises to be a fitting start for the New Year. Aside from the usual Singapore staples of outdoor carnivals and theme parks, the Siloso Beach Party is likewise set to gather the big names in the Singapore club circuit to spread the cheer and liven up the Sentosa party scene.

Sentosa Island is a bus ride away from the city center of Singapore, or a spectacularly cable car ride away from Harbour Front, Singapore. Sentosa visitors can look up for a budget hotel in Singapore at Harbour Front for ease of access to the island, or a chic Singapore hotel right in the heart of Sentosa.

Located at 512 Kampong Bahru Road in Singapore, the Harbour Ville Hotel puts guests to the city center of Singapore, while keeping the holiday island of Sentosa within arm’s length through the shuttle bus, MRT, and cable car stations available near the hotel.

In Sentosa Island, on the other hand, guest can opt to stay near the famous landmark of Singapore: The Merlion. Sitting on the gentle slope beneath the famous Singapore statue is the Treasure Resort in Sentosa.

The Treasure Resort in Sentosa is more than a place to stay in Singapore. With a hotel view that looks out to the Siloso Beach, well-appointed rooms, and a prime entertainment location, the resort in Sentosa of Swiss-run Treasure Singapore has all the works for a grand New Year bash.

Wherever you are coming from in Singapore, Sentosa Island can get you ready for the New Year with DJ Shy and DJ Rough at the controls, and their distinct Commercial and Funk beats as prelude to the grand midnight bash. At 12 it’s time for another thrill: The grand Sentosa Beach Party fireworks.

But the party doesn’t stop there. Right after the fireworks display are the feature performances of Incognito, DJ Jensen, and DJ Kavan. Scheduled until 6 a.m. of Jan 1, the Siloso Beach Party is rightfully the event in Singapore that can give you a look at the first light of 2008.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

“Chaos in Motion” in Singapore on Jan 17

Knowing where to go, progressive rock band Dream Theater used to have the luxury of walking though experimentation, even if that meant producing an album that was a considerableDream Theater Asia Tour stops at Fort Canning, Singapore deviation both in sound and style from what many critics considered their seminal work in 1994’s Awake.

Now the rock impresarios from New York are back, with a brand-new record that sounds more like Dream Theater than their past two albums combined. Theirs was not a case of making up for lost time. Dream Theater fathered the genre and they could move it anywhere they choose. Only now, both Dream Theater and the progressive-rock scene are moving to the same direction.

Nobody might be willing to call the new Dream Theater album a masterpiece. But with traces of Awake and a refined sound of Scenes from a Memory, the new Dream Theater album Systematic Chaos might be the incendiary to bring the genre back to the forefront of the music world again.

Dream Theater Chaos in Motion makes a pitstop in SingaporeStarting in June 2007, Dream Theater has hit the road to promote Systematic Chaos, via the portentously titled Gods of Metal gig in Milan, Italy. Toward the early fall of 2007, Systematic Chaos made it to the US Billboard 200 at 19, the highest Dream Theater album charts entry ever, even surpassing Awake’s debut at 32, and Images and Words at 61.

Early next year it is Singapore’s chance to listen live to the new offering of the Dream Theater. Produced by the LAMC Productions, “Chaos in Motion: The Dream Theater World Tour” will be staged at the Fort Canning district in Singapore on January 17, 2008.

The date is January and the place is Fort Canning, Singapore. It would be very well for Dream Theater fans to be clear about that. It is, after all, a once-in-a-lifetime chance to hear live a mature and crucial gig of Dream Theater.

Tickets for the Dream Theater Singapore Tour in Fort Canning are available online at the Sistic website, or through acknowledged agents accredited by the Singapore ticketing company. Hotel rooms in Singapore are likewise available online.

Inside Fort Canning is the budget accommodation of the YWCA Lodge. By providing guests with a twin sharing option, the Fort Canning hotel in Singapore of international foundation YWCA is perfect for Singapore visitorsSingapore traveling in groups.

Outside Fort Canning are the fashionably low-priced hotels of Tekka Hotel in Singapore and the ParkView. Both hotels fringe the Fort Canning Park, and are near the city center of Singapore for your convenience.

The Singapore gig at the Fort Canning will be the third of five stops of the Dream Theater Asia Tour, after the band revisits the Budokan Theater in Japan and the parental hometown of Dream Theater bassist John Myung in South Korea.

“If you’re a musician or ever aspired to be one, this is a show not to be missed,” said the LAMC Productions. But it isn’t necessary to remind anyone that. Progressive rock fans around and outside Singapore know very well not to miss a gig that features a promising turn at the Dream Theater career.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

All ears at the 2007 Noise Singapore arts festival

Giving young artists a voice at the Noise Singapore 2007It was a heady night in Singapore. But the look on everybody’s face, in attendance for the 2007 Noise Singapore arts festival launch, it was the best smile in the world. There was much to see and hear, and there was nobody hurt. The night proved portentous of the present youth culture in Singapore that was given voice at the Noise arts festival.

Noise Singapore gets to a loud start in Heeren Shops, SingaporeThe Noise Singapore is an annual fete of arts and culture that stars the young guns of the Singapore arts intelligentsia. Started in 2005, Noise Singapore had since laid out the platform for the emerging movers of the Singapore arts scene, enabling Singaporeans and Singapore visitors alike to feel the noise that the young Singapore arts scene is making.

In the run up to the final leg of the 2007 Noise Singapore arts festival, Orchard Road yet again turned festive this December with live performances, arts exhibits, and workshops on Gibson Guitars and beatboxing by Noise Singapore artists.

Festivities are appropriately centered on the Heeren Shops at the junction of the Orchard Road and the Fort Canning area. With the greens of the Fort Canning as backdrop, the increasing popularity of the Noise Singapore is being heard and now beckons like the Emerald City in Singapore.

The Fort Canning is likewise a backpackers’ district in Singapore, where vacation breaks are well within the means of most Singapore visitors. At the center of the Fort Canning greens lies the YWCA Fort Canning Lodge, a low-cost hotel run and owned by the YWCA Singapore. That doesn’t mean, however, that Singapore visitors get the short end of the straw at the hotel in Singapore YWCA Fort Canning Lodge.YWCA Fort Canning Lodge

With rates starting at SGD82, the YWCA Fort Canning Lodge is easily one of the cheapest hotels in Singapore. But it is also one of the Singapore hotels with a prime hotel address. The Singapore hotel of the YWCA is located deep in the lush neighborhood of Fort Canning, and complements the location with plush hotel facilities.

Also, for Singapore visitors on a tight budget, the Singapore hotel of the YWCA Fort Canning Lodge offers a special hotel rate for twin sharing of rooms for 2 days and 1 night. Inclusive of one buffet breakfast, lunch, and dinner, in addition to the use of hotel facilities, the twin sharing rate of the YWCA makes it suitable for youth groups who are in Singapore for the Noise Arts Festival.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Only in Singapore: White Christmas in the Tropics

There is a place in Singapore where it Winter Wonderland Christmas in Tropical Singaporesnows in December. It sits on a hilltop where the treetops glisten and the children listen to hear sleigh bells in the snow, transforming a part of Singapore into a winter wonderland where Christmas is brought to life to magical effect.

Perched on the hill of Mount Faber in Central Singapore, The Jewel Box is an iconic Singapore theme park specially known for its simulated snowfall. Every Christmas since 2006, the Jewel Box Singapore blankets a portion of Mount Faber with snows and Christmas lights to re-create a different and unique Singapore Christmas.

Originally a family recreation center, The Jewel Box has enthralled Singapore visitors with novelties like the Sky Dining restaurant and The Jewel Christmas Light Show. This Christmas, The Jewel Box is set to frost the beauty of Christmas once again with a simulated snowfall at the Altivo and Faber Rock cafes in Mount Faber.

Because The Jewel Box is located on the hilltop of Mount Faber, there is an air of exclusivity in the area. But do not think that Mount Faber, like a winter Christmas in Singapore, is almost out-of-reach for most Singapore visitors.

The Jewel Box at Mount Faber is only minutes away from the city center of Singapore via cable car. The cable car tower at Mount Faber connects to Harbour Front and Sentosa, forming a triumvirate of Singapore must-sees. The Harbour Front district in Singapore is what makes the Mount Faber accessible for those on a weekend visit in Singapore.Harbour Ville at cable car station in Harbour Front, Singapore

The main artery of the Singapore cable car system is located at the Harbour Front station, connecting the holiday getaways of Singapore to the island’s city center. Also at the Harbour Front is the hotel of the Harbour Ville in Singapore, which for many years now has been serving as jump-off point to the different Singapore getaways like the Sentosa and the Mount Faber.

The Harbour Ville hotel in Singapore is a small boutique hotel that offers low-priced rooms to Singapore visitors. Fashionably cheap and well-placed, the Singapore hotel of the Harbour Ville is often every traveler’s gateway to various Singapore vacations.

With Mount Faber, Singapore visitors get a taste of high-rise living, Singapore style. At Sentosa it’s about the beach. At Harbour Front it’s about the commercial districts and urban centers of Singapore. The best place to feel the warmth of Christmas.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Short on time for a Singapore holiday? Here’s a roundup of December must-sees for time-strapped Singapore visitors

Vacation breaks don’t come too often. When it does, it is usually confined to a very limited lengthyou probably need a Singapore break of time. It is considerably brief compared to the time spent on one’s slaving away in the office. But we take it because we need it. Even though at some happy instances we knew that we were running the risk of losing our jobs when we enjoyed ourselves too much and failed to show up in the office at the scheduled day. We take a break before we break down.

For every time-strapped vacationer, Singapore beckons like the Emerald City. One of the smallest countries in the world, the island of Singapore surprisingly has a comprehensive set of tourist attractions for Singapore visitors of varied tastes and interest. From the impressive coastline of Sentosa Island in Singapore to the technology-driven theme parks and art centers of the metropolis, Singapore has got everything for every tourist.

Imagine lounging on the sunset in an isolated piece of beach in Sentosa Island, having dinner at a posh restaurant in Singapore, and then heading off for a night-out to the arts and commerce hub of Singapore City—all without hurry. Who needs to in a place like Singapore, where one attraction is minutes away from another must-see?

ZooukOut 2007

ZookOut Festival in Sentosa, SingaporeAn annual beach party at Sentosa Island from sun up to sun down, scheduled on Dec. 8. It treats Singapore visitors to a heady night of house, tribal, techno, trance, electro, hip hop and Mambo Jambo music. Carnival rides and gaming booths fringe the musical stage. Adding to the glamorous vibe is the stunning seascape of the Sentosa Island in Singapore.

Getting there—ZooukOut shuttles will be stationed at HarbourTreasure Resort in Sentosa, Singapore Front in Singapore City, where clubbers will be ferried directly to the Sentosa Island.

Crib nearby—Over at Harbour Front stands the hotel of HarbourVille in Singapore. It is a HarbourVille Hotel in Singaporewalking distance away to the terminal, and within the vicinity of the Singapore nightlife hub. Another option is the Sentosa Treasure Resort in Sentosa, Singapore. The hotel is an enclave in Sentosa, Singapore. A nice place to crash after the party.

David Sanborn at The Esplanade

Six-time Grammy winner David Sanborn comes at last toDavid Sanborn Live in Singapore Singapore, in a one-night-only performance at The Esplanade on Dec. 10. Celebrated for infusing jazz with blues and soul, David Sanborn is considered the driving force of contemporary jazz.

Getting there—It’s hard to miss The Esplanade, especially at night. Called Theaters on the Bay, The Esplanade is a waterfront performance center that lights up the Singapore River at night. An MRT ride (EW13/NS25) to the Singapore city hall brings guests to The Esplanade in no time.

Hotel in Singapore of Park View HotelCrib nearby—If you fancy an evening saunter on the quay to and from The Esplanade, we suggest the Park View Hotel on Beach Road, Singapore. Beach Road runs parallel to the Singapore River, where The Esplanade is located. Traversing it after a David Sanborn concert may be a good way to cap the night off.

Singapore River Market @ the Arts House

It is said that every great civilization started at the fertile banks of a major river. Such is the case in Singapore. The Singapore River is more than just a waterway. Its riverbanks serve as a venue for the emerging indie art culture in Singapore.

Art bazaars line the part of the Singapore River near the Arts House, where Singapore visitors can find motley items ranging from artwork, clothing, accessory, home ware, etc., all with the Singapore Beach HotelSingapore River and the crisp breeze as backdrop.

Getting there—The whole expanse of the Singapore River Market is located between the Raffles Place and the Clarke Quay MRT Stations. Singapore visitors can get off at either of the stations for some riverside shopping, dining, and a night out.

Crib nearby—Beach Hotel, located at Liang Seah St., in front of the Bugis MRT Station, From the Beach Hotel in Singapore, you can opt to take a leisurely walk on the riverside all the way to the Singapore River Market, or board the MRT and get off at the nearby raffles Place.

Chinatown’s Dong Zhi 2007

Cultural event that is a must for food enthusiasts. The Chinatown-Singapore Dong Zhi Festival is the Chinese equivalent to Thanksgiving. It is celebrated by serving Tang Yuan, an ethnic Chinese food made from glutinous rice flour. Highlight of cultural celebration is a street festival in Chinatown, featuring street performances and an attempt to break into the Singapore Book of Records for most Tang Yuan made.

Getting there—The Chinatown in Singapore is located at Outram District of the island, accessible through the Chinatown MRT station. Buses likewise ply the outskirts of the Chinatown, but are not allowed entry to the busy Tekka Hotel in Singapore City, Singaporesections like the Smith Street, Pagoda Street, etc.

Crib nearby—The Serangoon Road is a chief commercial center in the area and has commercial establishments that include the Tekka Hotel in Singapore. It is a low-priced, boutique hotel in Singapore, small and stylish—pretty much what Singapore visitors need for a brief, hectic holiday in Singapore.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

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