Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Short on time for a Singapore holiday? Here’s a roundup of December must-sees for time-strapped Singapore visitors

Vacation breaks don’t come too often. When it does, it is usually confined to a very limited lengthyou probably need a Singapore break of time. It is considerably brief compared to the time spent on one’s slaving away in the office. But we take it because we need it. Even though at some happy instances we knew that we were running the risk of losing our jobs when we enjoyed ourselves too much and failed to show up in the office at the scheduled day. We take a break before we break down.

For every time-strapped vacationer, Singapore beckons like the Emerald City. One of the smallest countries in the world, the island of Singapore surprisingly has a comprehensive set of tourist attractions for Singapore visitors of varied tastes and interest. From the impressive coastline of Sentosa Island in Singapore to the technology-driven theme parks and art centers of the metropolis, Singapore has got everything for every tourist.

Imagine lounging on the sunset in an isolated piece of beach in Sentosa Island, having dinner at a posh restaurant in Singapore, and then heading off for a night-out to the arts and commerce hub of Singapore City—all without hurry. Who needs to in a place like Singapore, where one attraction is minutes away from another must-see?

ZooukOut 2007

ZookOut Festival in Sentosa, SingaporeAn annual beach party at Sentosa Island from sun up to sun down, scheduled on Dec. 8. It treats Singapore visitors to a heady night of house, tribal, techno, trance, electro, hip hop and Mambo Jambo music. Carnival rides and gaming booths fringe the musical stage. Adding to the glamorous vibe is the stunning seascape of the Sentosa Island in Singapore.

Getting there—ZooukOut shuttles will be stationed at HarbourTreasure Resort in Sentosa, Singapore Front in Singapore City, where clubbers will be ferried directly to the Sentosa Island.

Crib nearby—Over at Harbour Front stands the hotel of HarbourVille in Singapore. It is a HarbourVille Hotel in Singaporewalking distance away to the terminal, and within the vicinity of the Singapore nightlife hub. Another option is the Sentosa Treasure Resort in Sentosa, Singapore. The hotel is an enclave in Sentosa, Singapore. A nice place to crash after the party.

David Sanborn at The Esplanade

Six-time Grammy winner David Sanborn comes at last toDavid Sanborn Live in Singapore Singapore, in a one-night-only performance at The Esplanade on Dec. 10. Celebrated for infusing jazz with blues and soul, David Sanborn is considered the driving force of contemporary jazz.

Getting there—It’s hard to miss The Esplanade, especially at night. Called Theaters on the Bay, The Esplanade is a waterfront performance center that lights up the Singapore River at night. An MRT ride (EW13/NS25) to the Singapore city hall brings guests to The Esplanade in no time.

Hotel in Singapore of Park View HotelCrib nearby—If you fancy an evening saunter on the quay to and from The Esplanade, we suggest the Park View Hotel on Beach Road, Singapore. Beach Road runs parallel to the Singapore River, where The Esplanade is located. Traversing it after a David Sanborn concert may be a good way to cap the night off.

Singapore River Market @ the Arts House

It is said that every great civilization started at the fertile banks of a major river. Such is the case in Singapore. The Singapore River is more than just a waterway. Its riverbanks serve as a venue for the emerging indie art culture in Singapore.

Art bazaars line the part of the Singapore River near the Arts House, where Singapore visitors can find motley items ranging from artwork, clothing, accessory, home ware, etc., all with the Singapore Beach HotelSingapore River and the crisp breeze as backdrop.

Getting there—The whole expanse of the Singapore River Market is located between the Raffles Place and the Clarke Quay MRT Stations. Singapore visitors can get off at either of the stations for some riverside shopping, dining, and a night out.

Crib nearby—Beach Hotel, located at Liang Seah St., in front of the Bugis MRT Station, From the Beach Hotel in Singapore, you can opt to take a leisurely walk on the riverside all the way to the Singapore River Market, or board the MRT and get off at the nearby raffles Place.

Chinatown’s Dong Zhi 2007

Cultural event that is a must for food enthusiasts. The Chinatown-Singapore Dong Zhi Festival is the Chinese equivalent to Thanksgiving. It is celebrated by serving Tang Yuan, an ethnic Chinese food made from glutinous rice flour. Highlight of cultural celebration is a street festival in Chinatown, featuring street performances and an attempt to break into the Singapore Book of Records for most Tang Yuan made.

Getting there—The Chinatown in Singapore is located at Outram District of the island, accessible through the Chinatown MRT station. Buses likewise ply the outskirts of the Chinatown, but are not allowed entry to the busy Tekka Hotel in Singapore City, Singaporesections like the Smith Street, Pagoda Street, etc.

Crib nearby—The Serangoon Road is a chief commercial center in the area and has commercial establishments that include the Tekka Hotel in Singapore. It is a low-priced, boutique hotel in Singapore, small and stylish—pretty much what Singapore visitors need for a brief, hectic holiday in Singapore.

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