Thursday, September 27, 2007

Singapore: Island Spice of Asia

There can be little else more remarkable than being allowed to pet orangutans before having breakfast in one of the serene and verdant enclaves scattered across Singapore, and head out into the streets of sleek skyscrapers, religious temples, and ecological parks—all in one neighborhood. For first-time and frequent Singapore visitors alike, it is hard not to get dumbfounded by the richness in contrast and color of Singapore and its flavorful mix of culture, cuisine, arts, and technology.

An island nation which serves as trading outpost between Asia and Europe, Singapore brims with the finest of both East and West. It combines astute urban planning with the innate aesthetics of the island’s ecosystem, creating a Singapore that is virtually a Utopia for people who want to come into contact with nature without losing the comfort of city life. With its well-integrated commercial districts, art centers, themed attractions, and lush tropical landscapes, Singapore is a tourist haven for people of varied interests.

Island, Pulau Tekong, Pulau Ubin, and Sentosa are among the oft-visited islands in Singapore. Surrounded by verdant rainforest and turquoise waters, the Sentosa Island beckons in Singapore like the Emerald City. Translated “tranquility” in English, Sentosa is an island resort in Singapore that blends ecotourism and tropical island vibe to serene effect. Via cable car, the famed shopping districts, wellness hubs, cultural centers, and entertainment establishments of Singapore are accessible from Sentosa. Nowhere else but in Singapore can the good life be so within reach.

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