Monday, February 4, 2008

How great cuisine and fine wine can cook up a unique dining experience in Singapore at the 2008 World Gourmet Summit

World Gourmet Summit 2008Wine and food make every meal an occasion, every table more elegant, and every day more civilized. As in any attempt at sophistication, however, there is art in mixing and matching food and wine, which if followed ignorantly can leave a bad taste in the mouth.

It used to be that white wine is paired with fish and chicken, and red wine is partnered with meat and game. The rule, however, is no longer cast in stone and from April 7 to 28, gourmet luminaries across the world are scheduled to showcase new ideas on food and wine cultures as the 2008 World Gourmet Culture kicks off in the “island spice” of Singapore.

Ian Wright to grace Singapore gourmet summitHost to the 2008 World Gourmet Summit, Singapore relives its glory days as the premier trading post on the Asian spice route as the celebrations of the gourmet summit gather the big names in the food industry and conduct workshops and luncheons for the benefit of food aficionados in Singapore.

Masterchefs and Good Life celebs Curtis Stone and Ian Wright, as well as renowned Singapore hoteliers are set to grace the 2008 World Gourmet Summit in Singapore with a one-night-only presentation on how to create a unique gastronomic experience from choice food and wine.

A gala dinner on April 11 will feature the first growth of Spanish wines for the season—a must-see for every wine aficionado. On April 12, a special luncheon will be held to commemorate the best in the food and beverage industry. Billed as the “Oscars” of food and wine, the World Gourmet Summit aims to keep Singapore visitors in the loop of the latest industry trends.

The 2008 World Gourmet Summit spans across Singapore, hopping from one luxury hotel to another in order to provide an industry-wide conference on the gourmet culture. With a carefully selected hotel in Singapore, one can followSingapore Hotel for World Gourmet Summit each event of the World Gourmet Summit easily.

HarbourVille Hotel, a chic and cheap hotel in Singapore that offers convenience and comfort to every Singapore visitor, is located at Harbourfront Singapore and can be an ideal jump-off point to follow the 2008 World Gourmet Summit in Singapore.

At Harbourfront, Singapore guests gain easy access to the MRT system and bus transport lines of Singapore. The Singapore hotel of HarbourVille leads not only to the gourmet summit, but to the two most civilized things in the world as well: food and wine.

Because food and wine need more than a tongue and a stomach for appreciation, there is no set formula in pairing a good food and a fine wine for a unique dining experience. And such element of ambiguity, as in the case of the arts, casts a light on the gourmet culture now shining in Singapore.

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